UK Genomics Meeting - LAST CALL for early registration

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Fri Oct 24 12:04:10 EST 1997


           CCP11 and the British Biophysical Society
                       One Day Meeting

              "Getting the Most from your Genome"

                      9th December 1997
                    University of Warwick

  Organized by David Jones (Warwick) and Simon Hubbard (UMIST)

Sponsors: CCP11, The British Biophysical Society, The Wellcome Trust,
          SmithKline Beecham, Pfizer, Oxford Molecular, Silicon Graphics 

This meeting will focus on the latest methods, both computational and
experimental, that are concerned with the storage, investigation and
exploitation of genomic data. Topics to be covered include databases,
sequence analysis (including methods and examples), functional analysis,
protein structure prediction and novel experimental technologies.

The meeting programme is as follows (note revised timings):


 9.15 Registration & coffee 

 9.45 Janet Thornton           Introduction 

 9.50 Bernard Dujon            Functional analysis of the yeast genome 
                               (SmithKline Beecham Lecture) 

10.30 Tom Strachan             A new dimension for the Human Genome Project: 
                               towards comprehensive expression maps 

11.10 Coffee 

11.40 Chris Sander             From genome sequence to protein function 
                               using GeneQuiz 

12.20 Mike Sternberg           Enhanced genomic analysis by protein fold  

13.00 Lunch 

14.20 Tim Hubbard              Analysing the human genome 

15.00 Toby Gibson              Errors in DNA sequences: (a) the problems they 
                               cause in analysing inferred amino acid
                               sequences and (b) some methods to protect
15.40 Tea 

16.10 Frank Wright             Phylogenetic analysis of genomic data 

16.50 Carol Robinson           Protein structure analysis by mass spectrometry 

17.30 Wrapping up 

17.40 End 


Registration for the meeting will cost 16.00 pounds for early applications
(received by at least November 2nd). The cost will rise to 25.00 pounds
afterwards. A copy of the registration form is attached to this posting.
Overnight accommodation is also available at 35.00 pounds/night
if required.

Lunch and all refreshments are included as part of the registration cost.

It will not be possible to register for the meeting after November 30th.

Further details and registration forms available from the Web page:

Any other queries regarding the meeting should be directed to:

Dr. D.T. Jones
Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Warwick

Tel. 01203 523729
Fax. 01203 523568

Email: jones at

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              CCP11 & The British Biophysical Society 
             9th December 1997,  University of Warwick 

     Please print out and complete the following form, and return to: 

     Dr D.T. Jones, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick,
     Coventry CV4 7AL 

     with your cheque made payable to: The University of Warwick 

     Registration fee before November 2nd: 16.00 pounds 
     Registration fee from November 2nd: 25.00 pounds
     Last possible registration date: November 30th, 1997. 

                                                             Ref. GTMFYG1 

I wish to register for the CCP11/BBS One-day meeting: 

 Title: ______ 

 Name (Last, First): __________________________________________________ 

*Email address: _____________________________________________________ 

 Tel no.: ___________________________________________________________ 

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 Department: _______________________________________________________ 

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* Please give an e-mail address as initial confirmation will be by e-mail

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