Plant Proteins in Abiotic Stress Responses (Symposium Announcement)

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Plant Proteins in Abiotic Stress Responses: Function, gene regulation and 
industrial applications Symposium
27 September - 1 October 1998, University of York

Abiotic stress can significantly reduce crop yields and restrict the 
latitudes and soils on which commercially important species can be 
cultivated. Understanding how plants tolerate freezing and dessication 
may significantly impact on food products which are conserved by these 
methods. Research on abiotic stress responses is now emerging from the 
era of cloning stress-up-regulated genes and is moving rapidly towards 
analysis of protein function, understanding regulation of 
stress-responsive genes and analysing the signal transduction mechanisms 
involved in stress responses.

A Plant Protein Club symposium - Plant Proteins in Abiotic Stress 
Responses: Function, gene regulation and industrial applications - to be 
held in York 27 September - 1 October 1998 seeks to highlight the 
importance of stress-related plant proteins and the impact this field of 
research has on numerous industries as well as on fundamental research. 
The symposium will encompass four days of activities addressing early 
events in plant stress responses; regulation of stress-responsive genes; 
and function and industrial applications of abiotic stress-responsive 


We are inviting papers for inclusion in one of the following sessions. In 
addition, there will be poster sessions, and an opportunity for short 
presentations of the best posters.

*	Early events in plant stress responses
	-	stress perception and signal transduction
	-	oxidative stress in abiotic stress responses

*	Regulation of stress responsive genes

*	Function and industrial applications of abiotic stress-responsive 
	-	role of LEA proteins and heat shock proteins in stress 	
	-	role of cold-on-regulated gene products in stress 	
	-	protein function in salinity tolerance
	-	industrial applications of stress-induced proteins in 	

The Plant Protein Club is a pre-competitive science and technology club 
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manipulation of native and recombinant plant proteins to mee the needs of 
industry. This includes exploring plant protins as novel products as well 
as the use of plants as sustainable factories supporting industries 
across the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, industrial enzymes 
and food sectors.

The Plant Protein Club's principal objective is to promote the exchange 
of ideas and expertise between communities specialising in protein 
structure, plant biology and their industrial applications.

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