New Release 3.0 - ProClass Protein Family Database

Cathy Wu wu at
Mon Apr 6 00:11:18 EST 1998

The Bioinformatics Research Group of the University of Texas Health
Center at Tyler is pleased to announce the Release 3.0 of its ProClass
Protein Family Database.  The database is available for on-line search

The ProClass Protein Family Database is a non-redundant database
organized according to family relationships as defined collectively by
PIR superfamilies and ProSite patterns.  The objectives are to
facilitate protein family information retrieval, unveil domain and
family relationships, and classify multi-domained proteins. This is
achieved by combining global and motif sequence similarities into a
single classification scheme.  The current ProClass release consists of
115,453 sequence entries retrieved from PIR-international (Release 55.0,
December 1997) and SwissProt (Release 35.0, November 1997) databases. 
It has three sub-databases, ProClass_Family (PCFam), ProClass_Sequence
(PCSeq) and ProClass_Motif (PCMotif) for the collections of family,
sequence and motif entries.

ProClass has hypertext links to all major family/domain and structural
class databases.  The collection of motif sequences and alignments
include new ProSite family members identified by our GeneFIND family
identification system (Version 3.0, March 1998,


- Wu, C. H., Zhao, S. and Chen, H. L. (1996). A protein class database
organized with ProSite protein groups and PIR superfamilies. Journal of
Computational Biology, 3(4), 547-561.
- Wu, C. H. and Shivakumar, S. (1998). ProClass protein family database:
New version with motif alignments. Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium
on Biocomputing '98, 719-730.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at
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