Updated NIH grant (PHS398) templates available for Mac Office 98

Dennis Templeton djt2 at po.cwru.edu
Tue Apr 7 00:26:52 EST 1998

PHS 398 Templates For NIH Grant Applications Using Macintosh-MS Office 98 Suite

Updated NIH grant templates that can be used with the new version of
Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh are available on our site:


These templates are updated versions of those we have distributed since
1991. Those in turn were updates of an early version done by John Livesey
at the University of Washington. Thanks, John! If you wish to distribute
these please leave the entire folder intact, including this Readme file.
Feel free to post them on your own server, but I¹d appreciate knowing
where you¹ve posted them, so I can make backup links. Contact me about
this and any errors you may find at <mailto:djt2 at po.cwru.edu> 

The Office 98 versions of Word and Excel released in the last week or so
are far superior to Version 6, and we have made the move from Word 5.1 to
Word 98 because of several new features that make grant layout easier. The
only downside that I can see is that non Power-PC Macs have been abandoned
by the new version. The best choice for older Mac users is to use the Word
5.1 and Excel 2.2 templates still available on our site.


The major differences between these templates and the older version is
that I have modernized the Excel Workbook (one workbook versus two
separate sheets earlier) and have linked the output of the Excel sheets
directly to where they belong in the Word document. I have also written a
brief tutorial on how to place and frame electronic figures in the text
(see "Background" section).

While you are there, please check out our ad for a Post-doctoral position
open for a recent M.D. or Ph.D.

Best of luck with your application.

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