SYMPOSIUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Plant Proteins in Abiotic Stress Responses

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Fri Apr 17 10:03:48 EST 1998


University of York, UK
27 September - 1 October 1998

This symposium seeks to highlight the importance of stress-related plant=20
proteins and the impact this field of=20
research has on numerous industries as well as on fundamental research.=20

Abiotic stress can significantly reduce crop yields and restrict the=20
latitudes and soils on which commercially=20
important species can be cultivated. Understanding how plants tolerate=20
freezing and desiccation may significantly=20
impact on food products which are conserved by these methods. Research on=
abiotic stress responses is now=20
emerging from the era of cloning stress-up-regulated genes and is moving=20
rapidly towards analysis of protein=20
function, understanding regulation of stress-responsive genes and=20
analysing the signal transduction mechanisms=20
involve in stress responses. It is now clear that apparently diverse=20
abioitic stresses can inflict very similar injury on=20
plant cells at the biochemical level. This is reflected in the=20
coincidence of plant responses to different abiotic=20
stresses, the resistance which exposure of a plant to one stress will=20
induce to another stress, and the complex=20
signalling network involved in stress-regulation of gene expression.=20

The symposium will encompass four days of activities, addressing:=20

  early events in plant stress responses;=20
  regulation of stress responsive genes;=20
  function and industrial applications of abiotic stress-responsive=20

Invited speakers=20

Dorothea Bartels, J rgen Denecke, Marie-Fran oise Gautier, Dirk Hincha,=20
Monica Hughes, Dirk Inz=E9, Klaus=20
Kloppstech, Marc Knight, Peter Lillford, Heinrich Sandermann, Friedrich=20
Sh ffl, Kazuo Shinozaki, Peter Steponkus,=20
Michael Thomashow, Marc Van Montagu, Ben Timmerman, Ramon Serrano


Titles for papers will be considered until 30 April 1998. Abstracts must=20
be submitted before 31 May 1998.

Registration fee: Industrial =A3550 (=A3200 PPC members); Academic =A3250=
PPC members). Further information=20
and registration forms available from PPC


The Plant Protein Club is a pre-competitive science and technology club=20
with membership drawn from industry,=20
academia and government, It aims to stimulate efficient progress in the=20
fundamental understanding, use and=20
manipulation of native and recombinant plant proteins to meet the needs=20
of industry. This includes exploring plant=20
proteins as novel products as well as the use of plants as sustainable=20
factories supporting industries across the=20
pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, industrial enzymes and food=20

The Plant Protein Club s principal objective is to promote the exchange=20
of ideas and expertise between=20
communities specialising in protein structure, plant biology and their=20
industrial applications.
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