Spring New England SIM Meeting

Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at WPI.EDU
Sun Apr 26 02:53:06 EST 1998

When:     May 29, 1998, beginning at 12:30 PM
Where:    W. Alton Jones Campus (Whispering Pines Conf. Center), West
          Greenwich, Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston.
Cost:     No cost for the scientific meeting and poster session.

12:30     Registration and Student Poster Set-Up

1:30      Dr. Paul S. Cohen, BMMG, URI, Colonization of the mouse large
          intestine by EA. coli and S. typhimurium

2:30      Dr. David R. Nelson, BMMG, URI, Gasterointestinal
          mucus-inducible genes and proteins of Vibrio anguillarum

3:30      Dr. Anthony S. Fischl, FSN & BMMG, URI, Purification and
          characterization of inositol phosphorylceramide synthetase from
          the yeast S. cerevisiae

4:30-6:00 Poster Session (refreshments)

6:15      Buffet Dinner

7:30      Dr. Holger Jannasch, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
          Major microbial processes at deep sea hydrothermal vent sites

Dinner cost is $30 for members and guests and only $10 for students.

To register for the program and dinner (if desired) send a check for the
appropriate amount to Dr. Richard Traxler, Univ. of Rhode Island, BMMG,
224 Morill Science Bldg., Kingston RI 02891-0800.

If desired, accommodations are available at the Whispering Pines Conf.
Center for $107 per night do.  For additional information contact Dr.
Traxler at 401-874-2927 or e-mail at Traxler at uriacc.uri.edu

Posted by Dr. Ted Crusberg, Biology & Biotechnology Dept., Worcester
Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA 01609 (508)831-5472
or crusberg at wpi.edu

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