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To ensure that investigators have access to the most up-to-date information
and complete listings of cell cultures, a World Wide Web version of the NIA
Aging Cell Repository catalog is now available
(http://locus.umdnj.edu/nia). The Repository has human cell cultures from
individuals with aging-related conditions. These include disorders of
accelerated aging (e.g., progeria, Werner syndrome, Cockayne syndrome,
Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, and Down syndrome) and cell cultures from
familial Alzheimer disease extended pedigrees.  The collection also
includes specially characterized normal human diploid fibroblast cultures
(IMR90 and IMR91) and over 500 skin fibroblast cultures from subjects
participating in the NIA-sponsored Gerontology Research Center Baltimore
Longitudinal Study of Aging. In addition, the Aging Cell Repository has
human and animal differentiated cell cultures (epithelial, endothelial, and
smooth muscle), human mammary epithelial and keratinocyte cell cultures,
and fibroblast cultures from animals with different life spans.  Menus are
provided to allow users to search for cell cultures in a variety of ways
including Repository number, MIM number, disease description, as well as
sample type and animal species.

Questions and comments about the catalog should be directed to:
		Coriell Cell Repositories
		401 Haddon Avenue
		Camden, New Jersey 08103

Telephone:	800-752-3805 in the United States
		609-757-4848 from other countries

Fax:		609-757-9737

e-mail:	ccr at arginine.umdnj.edu

Jeanne C. Beck, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Coriell Cell Repositories
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Camden, New Jersey 08103
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Fax:	609-757-9737
e-mail:	jbeck at umdnj.edu

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