WWW catalog for the NIGMS Human Genetic Mutant Cell Repository

Jeanne Beck jbeck at umdnj.edu
Fri Aug 7 18:38:25 EST 1998



To ensure that investigators have access to the most up-to-date information
and complete listings of cell cultures and DNA samples, the NIGMS Human
Genetic Mutant Cell Repository has a World Wide Web catalog
(http://locus.umdnj.edu/nigms). The Repository has human cell cultures
available in the following categories: inherited metabolic disorders,
biochemically mutant cell cultures with characterized mutations,
well-characterized chromosomally aberrant cell cultures, CEPH Reference
Families, a human diversity collection, and human/rodent somatic cell
hybrid mapping panels. Menus are provided to allow users to search for cell
cultures or DNA samples in a variety of ways including Repository number,
MIM number, gene name, disease description, as well as chromosome
abnormality and number. Chromosome ideograms are provided for human/rodent
somatic cell hybrids.

Questions and comments about the catalog should be directed to:
		Coriell Cell Repositories
		Coriell Institute for Medical Research
		401 Haddon Avenue
		Camden, New Jersey 08103

Telephone:	800-752-3805 in the United States
		609-757-4848 from other countries

Fax:		609-757-9737

e-mail:		ccr at arginine.umdnj.edu

Jeanne C. Beck, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Coriell Cell Repositories
401 Haddon Avenue
Camden, New Jersey 08103
Voice:	609-757-4847
Fax:	609-757-9737
e-mail:	jbeck at umdnj.edu

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