Bordetella sequences available

Julian Parkhill parkhill at
Wed Dec 23 00:05:08 EST 1998

The Sanger Centre Microbial sequencing group is pleased to announce 
the completion of the shotgun phase for the Bordetella pertussis 
sequencing project.

We are sequencing strain Tohama I, a clinical isolate subsequently 
used widely as a laboratory srain. 

We have to date sequenced around 68,000 reads, to give approx. 7.5x
coverage. The current assembly consists of 824 contigs over 1kb, 
giving a total of 4.035 Mb. 

This data will be updated weekly, as the finishing process 

The sequences are available for BLAST searching and download from
the Bordetella pertussis website at:

In addition, we are performing a comparative sequencing project
of Bordetella bronchiseptica strain RB50, a cause of repiratory 
disease in a wide range of mammals. As part of this project, we 
are producing a light shotgun of this genome, which is available 
as single reads.

We have to date sequenced around 18,000 reads, to give approx. 1.5x
coverage (about 78% theoretical coverage of the genome).

These sequences are available for BLAST searching and download 
>From the Bordetella bronchiseptica website at:

Information on other microbial genome sequencing projects at the
Sanger Centre is available from:

These projects are funded by Beowulf Genomics


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