1999 ICDD Crystallography Scholarship Recipients are Announced

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Wed Dec 23 00:08:27 EST 1998

1999 ICDD Crystallography Scholarship Recipients are Announced

The ICDD Crystallography Scholarship Committee has selected five winners for
the 1999 Scholarship program. They are: Byron DeLaBarre, McMaster University,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Shannon Patrick Farrell, University of Western
Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; Cora Lind, Georgia Institute of Technology,
Atlanta, Georgia; Oshrit Navon, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer
Sheva, Israel; K. Scott Weil (also a 1998 recipient), Carnegie Mellon
University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Byron DeLaBarre's studies focus on "Determining the Phases for a Difficult
Protein Structure." Shannon Farrell 's research involves "Sulpher K- and
L-Edge XANES of 3d Transition Metal Sulphides and Silicate and Germanate
Glasses."  The exploration of "New Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
Related to Cubic ZrW2O8", will be conducted by Cora Lind.  Oshrit Navon's
thesis research concerns the "Polymorphism and the Influence of Crystal
Forces on Molecular Conformation."  K. Scott Weil will continue his
"Investigation of the Formation, Structure, and Magnetic Behavior of
Compounds in the Nickel-Molybdenum-Nitride System."

ICDD will present each of these students with a $2000 check to continue
studying in their selected field of crystallography research.

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