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First International Signal Transduction Conference in China 

Beijing, China.  Sept . 5-8 , 2000 

Recent years studies have revealed that the evolutionary conserved signal
transduction pathways not only regulate animal development but also underlie
many disease processes.  Understanding cell signaling becomes a primary focus
of modern biology.  The aim of this meeting is to bring together international
experts on signal transduction to capture the latest major developments in the
field and discuss future directions. Emphasis will be on signal transduction
mechanisms, genetic models, and abnormal signal transduction in human

The meeting will include six sections: 

Section 1.  Growth factor and receptor tyrosine kinase(RTK) signal
Section 2.  Genetic models of RTK signal transduction. 
Section 3.  JAK/STAT and TGF-ß signal transduction pathways. 
Section 4.  Rac/Rho and G-protein-coupled-receptor signal transduction
Section 5.  New pathways and cross-talking among pathways. 
Section 6.  Abnormal signal transduction in human diseases. 

Each section will have six speakers including one keynote speaker and five
regular speakers. The organizing committee is currently recruiting section
chairs and speakers, if you are interesting to chair one section or to be a
speaker, please contact Dr.  Steven Hou at Building 560, Rm 12-70, NCI-FCRDC,
Frederick, MD 21702.  Fax: 301/846-6145.  Phone: 301/846-1589.  Email:
shou at 

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