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Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at WPI.EDU
Sun Jan 11 15:22:30 EST 1998

              Society for Industrial Microbiology
                     New England Section
                        Winter Meeting

Date:        February 5, 1997
Place:       Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (at MIT)
             9 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA 

Registration:   1:30-2:00 PM  Whitehead Lobby

Presentations:  2:00-5:30 PM  Whitehead Auditorium

Program:    Yigal Koltin, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge MA
            "Antifungal drug discovery - the challenge.

            Kim Lewis, Biotechnology Center, Tufts Univ., Medford MA
            "Microbial MDR pumps and drug discovery"

            Sir Hans Kornberg, Boston Univ., Boston MA
            "If you don't succeed at first....mechanisms of fructose 
             uptake and utilization by Escherichia coli"

The above program is open to all without charge.

Reception and Dinner:  5:30 PM  Whitehead Cafeteria
Cost:  Members and guests - $30.00 each
       Students             $10.00 each
       Non-members          $45.00 each (includes one year membership in
                                         N.E. Section of SIM)

Place dinner reservations by January 28th, 1998.  Mail check to:
Ted Crusberg, N.E. SIM Treasurer, Biology & Biotechnology Dept.,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA 01609
NE/SIM Dinner, Feb. 5, 1998 Whitehead Cafeteria

Please reserve _____ places for me and my guests and ____ places for
my student(s).  make ck. out for the appropriate amount to "N.E. Section,



Tel:                 Fax:              E-mail:

Indicate Choice of:  Meat_____  Fish_____  Vegetarian________

Organizer:  Dr. Richard Traxler, Univ. of R.I.
            401-847-2927 or Traxler at uriacc.uri.edu

Posted by:  T. Crusberg/Biology Dept./WPI/Worcester MA

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