An Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics (Short Course Announcement)

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An Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics

The practical application of molecular modelling techniques to study 
protein sequence, structure and function will be the focus of a hands-on 
workshop - An Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics: From Sequence to 
Structure to Function of Prteins - to be held in York 19-20 March 1998. 
The course will run over two days, giving participants practical 
experience in using the latest software techniques to: handle sequence 
information; search databases; interpret protein structure; generate 3D 
structures on the basis of homology; and attribute function to unknown 
proteins. There will be a particular focus on plant sequence databases 
and proteins, but the methods and techniques are applicable to proteins 
from any organism. The examples will demonstrate how modern software and 
modelling can inform research into protein function. The course requires 
no prior knowledge of computer systems or software, and is particularly 
aimed at molecular biologists, biochemists and physiologists at the 
post-graduate and post-doctoral level.

The Plant Protein Club is a pre-competitive science and technology club 
with membership drawn from industry, academia and government which aims 
to stimulate efficient progress in the fundamental understanding, use and 
manipulation of native and recombinant plant proteins to mee the needs of 
industry. This includes exploring plant protins as novel products as well 
as the use of plants as sustainable factories supporting industries 
across the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, industrial enzymes 
and food sectors.

The Plant Protein Club's principal objective is to promote the exchange 
of ideas and expertise between communities specialising in protein 
structure, plant biology and their industrial applications.

For further details about this course or for more information on the 
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