Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity and Biotechnology Symposium

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IVth International Symposium on  Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity   
and Biotechnology  

July 12-17, 1998  -  Strasbourg, France

The main emphasis in this series of P450 Symposia is on biodiversity, 
and hence on the numerous P450 in non-mammalian species like birds, 
fishes, insects and other invertebrates, plants, lower eukaryotes and 
bacteria. The Strasbourg symposium will also highlight biotechnology 
and include presentations on pesticide mode of action and resistance, 
biotransformations, metabolic pathway engineering, bioremediation.

The conference will be divided in two major parts, along the two 
meeting's motto:

- The first part is devoted to all that is related to biodiversity: 
nomenclature, evolution, new functions (and new organisms), and the 
tools to explore this biodiversity and extend it: systematic cloning 
(ESTs and complete genome cloning), new cloning techniques. This 
will be Monday and Tuesday morning.  Tuesday is 14 juillet! So this 
afternoon will be an excursion along the wine road and in the evening 
the Republique Francaise offers us fireworks and street dancing...

- The second part of the Symposium is biotechnology oriented: 
crystals, engineering of new functions, regulation, induction, 
promoters, ways to manipulate P450 expression, heterologous 
expression, coupling with reductase, agrochemical and pharmaceutical 
applications. This will be Wednesday and Thursday. 

For further information, please have a look at the Symposium's home 

or send an e-mail to: P450-98 at

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