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Expression of Proteins in Plants and Plant Proteins in Heterologous Syste=

Plant Protein Club Workshop
The University of York
16-17 March 1998

Over-expression of proteins in Plants has a wide range of applications, f=
rom end-uses in industrial and commercial=20
sectors such as molecular pharming and crop protection to more fundamenta=
l research, for example in functional and=20
structural studies of proteins. Sequence data for plant genes has grown e=
xponentially in recent years, yet in order to=20
fully exploit this information, problems which often arise at the protein=
 expression stage require urgent attention. This=20
workshop seeks to address the specific problems related to over-expressio=
n of plant proteins in the quantities=20
required for research and industrial applications.

The meeting will focus on technical aspects of cloning, expression system=
s, cell lines, protein refolding, purification=20
and characterisation. The format of seminars presented by leading experts=
, discussion groups and poster sessions=20
will ensure exchange of information and ideas, and will also identify the=
 major areas where fundamental science in=20
understanding and exploiting expression systems is required.

Workshop organiser: Professor Rod Hubbard, University of York

Fees: =A3200 industry (=A3100 PPC members), =A3150 academic (=A375 PPC me=
mbers) to include registration,=20
accommodation, meals and evening wine reception.

Details are available from:

Plant Protein Club
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University of York
York YO1 5YW

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1904 434327
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