ClustalW and ClustalX update (bad bug)

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at
Tue Jan 20 22:49:00 EST 1998

	Hi all,

	We just saw a strange and awful bug that appears in the
latest release of ClustalX and ClustalW (namely 1.63b and 1.73). This
bug is absent from precedent versions. This makes the program read
the tree in a bad way, misusing the clustering alignment.

	This bug is now fixed, please update to ClustalX 1.64b 
or ClustalW 1.74 :

	Files at EBI and their mirrors should be updated soon.

				Sorry for the inconvenience,
François Jeanmougin     | groupe de bioinformatique / bioinformatics group
tel:(+33) 3 88 65 32 71 | IGBMC BP 163 67404 Illkirch France

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