Sequencing Project Management Course

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Thu Jan 22 03:30:38 EST 1998

Sequencing Project Management Using the Staden Package

The course is designed to provide an introduction to the use of the
latest version of programs produced by Rodger Staden's group for the
management of large-scale sequencing projects.  The course is very
practical.  Participants will be guided through exercises during which
they will process a substantial set of sequence data obtained from an
ABI automatic sequencing machine.  The output from other makes of
automatic sequencer can also be processed by these programs, as can data
generated by manual sequencing methods.  The programs are also suitable
for small-scale projects. 

Course duration :   2 days
Course cost :       100 Pounds +VAT for registered academic users

  Date					Location

  26-27 March 1998			Cambridge, Genetics Dept.

Timetable :

In the course of the two days we will cover setting up of a new
sequencing project, pre-processing data generated by automatic
sequencing machines, creation of sequencing project databases, automatic
assembly of batches of reads into contigs, checking and editing contigs. 
Checking will include examination of the traces for conflicting
readings, searches for repeated sequences and analysis of the relative
positions of readings derived from the same template. 

Each day will begin at 9:30 and end at approximately 17:30.  Lunch will
be approximately from 13:00 to 14:00. 

Registration :

If you are interested, please register as early as possible! 

For further details contact : 

        The Course Administrator 
        UK HGMP Resource Centre 
        CB10 1SB 

        Tel : 01223 494511 
        Fax : 01223 494512 
        Email: chagger at 


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