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Thu Jan 22 03:32:40 EST 1998

I will be teaching a course on the basics of computer sequence
analysis/bioinformatics at NYU Medical Center (550 First Ave, NY, NY)=
12 weeks starting Feb 17th.  Scientsts in the New York Metro area are
welcome to drop in and audit any of the lectures. Last year we had ma=
auditors from Mt. Sinai, Albert Einstein, Columbia Med school, etc.  =
me with any questions (212) 263-7689
=8BStuart M. Brown

NYU Medical Center course (G16.2604): Using Computers in Molecular Bi=
course info  <>

This is a practical course in Molecular Biology Computing which will
emphasize how to use the computer as a tool for research. Prerequisit=
include a thorough understanding of theoretical and practical aspects=
molecular biology, and some University level mathematics and statisti=
but no knowledge of computer programming or computer hardware is
necessary.  The course emphasizes the biological and the mathematical
theory employed in computer tools and discusses their strengths and
weaknesses rather than focusing on any particular set of commands to =
learned. =20

Lectures Tues 1-2:30 PM, NYUMC Alumni Lecture Hall A

Feb. 17: Introduction to the course
   =80 computer skills as essential molecular biology techniques
   =80 bioinformatics, genomics, and the Human Genome Project

Feb 24: The basics of using the RCR DEC Alpha Server
   =80 Logging in to the RCR Alpha=20
   =80 VMS and the DCL Command Language

March 3: More basics of using the VMS operating system
   =80 E-mail
   =80 Editing text files

March 10: Finding Sequences by Name, Accession#, Keyword, or by Assoc=
   =80 ENTREZ and SRS=20

March 17: Database Searching by Similarity
   =80 Worldwide databases=20
   =80 BLAST vs. FASTA=20

March 24: Sequence Comparison and Multiple Alignment

March 31: Sequence-Function Relationships
   =80 Sequence Homology and Conserved Regions (motifs)
   =80 Pattern recognition software

April 7: Using the Internet for Molecular Biology Research

April 14: Restriction Maps and PCR Primers

April 21: Computer Tools for Sequencing Projects
   =80 The GCG fragment assembly tools
   =80 Using the Macintosh program Sequencher

April 28: Computing Evolution: Phylogenetic Analysis=20
   =80 From Multiple Alignment to Phylogeny
   =80 PAUP  and PHYLIP

May 5: The New SeqLab Graphical Interface for GCG

Stuart M. Brown, Molecular Biology Consultant=20
NYU-MC Research Computing Resource, Dept. of Cell Biology
550 First Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212)263-7689  FAX: (212)263-8139

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