Expansion of "Your Career In The Sciences" On Bio Online

Dave Jensen davej at sedona.net
Tue Jan 27 17:17:48 EST 1998

Today we have significantly expanded the web page "Your Career In the
Sciences" with many more essays and expanded articles by Dave Jensen

The new titles include the following:

"Birkenstocks or White Shirts - Which is Right for You?" - Which scenario
is going to nurish your career, large company or small?

"How to Get Things Done Despite The Odds" - There are about a half-dozen
things that need to be done right when working in industry. Sometimes
Dilbert is for real; roadblocks and hurdles seem to be the name of the game
for management.

"A Most Significant Experience" - Ever watch old black and white movies on
cable TV? Here's what Dave learned about job interviewing from one of

"Answering Machine Etiquette" - Voicemail and/or answering machine
nightmares on the job search front.

"How To Use Email In Your Job Search" - The different ways that successful
job seekers are tapping the email process with great results.

"Getting the Most Out Of Scientific Associations" - How you contribute to
your local scientific association can make a big difference in the
networking process. Also, some caution with regards to the Association's
'Placement Service.'

"Choosing A Winner - The Art of Interviewing" - One of the best things to
add to your stable of skills is the ability to help select productive
employees for your company.


"Multi-Specialty Hires - A New Trend" - Examines the latest trend of
combination degrees, ala biology/computers, etc.

I'm sure that you will find many articles of interest in this unique,
non-commercial web site. The site is located at
http://www.bio.com/hr/search/search_1.html, and a companion discussion
forum is located at http://www.bio.com/hr/forum/

Best regards,

Linda St. James


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