Developmental Neurobiology course

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Course on Developmental Neurobiology

To be held 13th - 15th of August 1998=20
in the University of Kuopio, Finland =20


This international course concentrates on the recent=20
development in the neuronal development.
Especially, the molecular aspects of developmental=20
processes will be emphasized. Speakers are
active researchers in their respective fields and=20
they will be asked to give an general introduction
into their topic and spend then the rest of their=20
talk illuminating the recent development and future
trends from the perspective of their own research.=20
One day will be spent in laboratory practices and
demonstrations on selected aspects of developmental neurobiology.=20

Dr. Eero Castr=E9n, A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Kuopio=20
Dr. Antero Salminen, Department of Neurobiology and Neuroscience,
University of Kuopio=20


The course is suitable for graduate students in the field=20
of neurobiology or developmental biology as
well as interested physicians in the fields of neurology,=20
psychiatry, pediatric neurology and child psychiatry.=20


Students who want to participate in the laboratory demonstrations=20
and want to get the credits (1 point) of the course must pass=20
"a pre-exam". Otherwise the lectures are free to all. The exam is
based on the review papers published in Science=20
(Science 274:1109-1138, 1996):

Lumsden, A. and Krumlauf, R. Patterning the vertebrate neuraxis.
Science 274:1109-1115, 1996.

Tanabe, Y. and Jessell, T.M. Diversity and pattern in the=20
developing spinal cord. Science 274:1115-1123, 1996.

Tessier-Lavigne, M and Goodman, C.S. The molecular biology=20
of axon guidance. Science 274:1123-1133, 1996.

Katz, L.C. and Shatz, C.J. Synaptic activity and the construction=20
of cortical circuits. Science 274:1133-1138, 1996.

When you have read these articles, ask for exam questions from:=20
tapani.hyvonen at and send
your answers (max. 1 page/question) to: eero.castren at


Laboratory demonstrations: Canthia building, KL3 and KL4
Lectures: A.I.Virtanen Institute, 3rd floor, Seminar room=20


Course HomePage:

Eero Castren, M.D.
A.I. Virtanen Institute
University of Kuopio
P.O.Box 1627
70211 Kuopio

e-mail: eero.castren at
tel: +358-17-162 084
mobile: +358-50-520 7974
fax. +358-17-163 030

Tapani Hyv=F6nen
A.I. Virtanen Institute
University of Kuopio
P.O.Box 1627
70211 Kuopio

e-mail: tapani.hyvonen at
tel: +358-17-162 028
fax. +358-17-163 025



Thursday, 13th of August=20

Laboratory demonstrations=20

LacZ-staining on developmentally expressed genes in transgenic mice=20
Neuronal stem cells: culture and differentiation=20

Friday, 14th of August=20

8.30 Dr. Eero Castr=E9n: Opening of the course=20

Session 1. Molecular patterning of the CNS (Chairman: Eero Castr=E9n)=20

8.45 Peter Gruss, MPI, G=F6ttingen:=20
Homeobox genes and neuronal patterning=20
9.30 Urban Lendahl, Karolinska Institute:=20
Notch signaling=20

Coffee break

10.45 Seppo Vainio, University of Oulu:=20
Wnt signaling
11.30 Antero Salminen, University of Kuopio:=20
Basic helix-loop-helix proteins in neural and myogenic development


Session 2. Neuronal differentiation and migration (Chairman: Antero Salmi=

14.00 Pertti Panula, =C5bo Akademi:=20
Development of neurotransmitter systems=20
14.45 Maija Castr=E9n, HYKS:=20
Neuronal migration and migration defects=20
15.30 Kai Kaila, University of Helsinki:=20
Molecular and biophysical bases of change from
GABA excitation to GABA inhibition in the neonate rat hippocampus

Saturday 15th of August=20

Session 3: Process outgrowth and axonal guidance (Chairman: Kai Kaila)=20

9.00 Jonas Fris=E9n, Karolinska Institute:=20
EPH receptors and ligands in axon guidance
9.45 Heikki Rauvala, University of Helsinki:=20
Extracellular matrix and process outgrowth

Coffee break=20

Session 4: Refinement of neuronal networks (Chairman: Asla Pitk=E4nen)=20

11.00 Mart Saarma, University of Helsinki:=20
Neuronal cell death
11.45 Eero Castr=E9n, University of Kuopio:=20
Synaptic plasticity in cortical neurones

End of the course

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