Call for abstracts!

Li Birong bilong at
Mon Jun 29 20:19:03 EST 1998

                 Call for abstracts!

2nd International Conference on Transgenic Animals 

            Oct. 26-29, 1998, Beijing, China 


1) Transgenic Bioreactors (Chairman: Yong-Fu Chen);
2) Transgenic Models (Chairman: Ken-ichi Yamamura);
3) Alternative Transgenic Models (Chairman: Carl A. Pinkert);
4) Transgenic Transplantation Models (Chairman: Fritz H. Bach);
5) Transgenic Safety (Chairman: Roy Forster);
6) Transgenic Techniques (Chairman: De-Pei Liu);
7) Transgenic Bioinformatics (Chairwoman: Anna Anagnostopoulos).


General information and exhibition:
Mr. Birong Li <bilong at> 

Registration and visa: 
Mr. Zhang Zhong-Lian <cicast at>

Abstract and Scientific Program:
Dr. Carl A. Pinkert <Pinkert at>


More information, please email to 2nd ICTA Organizer at:
libr at

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