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I would like to invite you to the upcoming conferences  
Transgenics and Cloning.: Commercial Opportunities and 
The Second Annual-Mammalian Cloning:  Implications for 
Science and Society, Washington, D.C.   June 24 - 27, 1998. 
This unique opportunity has been structured to allow the 
broadest possible interactions between leaders in the 
fields of transgenics, cloning and germline genetic 
engineering. Participants in these back-to-back events
will explore the tremendous commercial opportunities balanced 
with ethical considerations. The  conference co-chairs are 
Ian Wilmut, Ph.D., The Roslin Institute, W. French Anderson, M.D.,
Director, Gene Therapy Laboratories, USC/ School of Medicine 
and Lee Silver, Ph.D., Department of Molecular Biology, 
Princeton University. Keynote presentation: Gina Kolata of 
the New York Times, author of Clone: The Road to Dolly and 
the Path Ahead

Speakers include:

Breffni Baggot, 
Intellectual Property Law

Gerard van Beynum, PhD., 
Pharming, Netherlands

Brigitte Boiselier, PhD., 

Julian Cooper, 
PPL Therapeutics, Inc.

Hortense Dodo, PhD
Alabama A&M University, Dept.
of Food and Animal Industries

Tanja Dominko, Ph.D., 
Oregon Primate Research Laboratory

Howard Ducharme, D. Phil.
The University of Akron, Dept. of

Yann Echelard, PhD
Associate Director of Embryology
Genzyme Transgenics

OttoH.  Postma, Pres. & CEO

Lee Silver, Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biology,
Princeton University

Mohamed Shahin, Ph.D.
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Steven Stice, PhD, CSO
Advanced Cell Technology

Gregory Stock, PhD
Director, Science, Technology
and Society Program, UCLA,
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

Richard Warburg, Esq.
Lyon & Lyon

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, S.J., Ph.D.
Loyola University Medical Center

Henry N. Geraedts, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Chromos Molecular Systems, Inc.

Glenn McGee, Ph.D.
Professor, University of
Pennsylvania Health System, Center  for Bioethics

J. Robert Nelson
Senior Research Fellow, 
The Institute of Religion, Texas Medical Center

Erik Parens, Ph.D.
Associate for Philosophical Studies, 
The Hastings Center

Gregory Pence
Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Paul Rohricht
U.S. Business
Development Manager
PPL Therapeutics

Dale Schwartz, CEO

Michael Young
Genzyme Transgenics

Topics Include:
->Human Cloning for Enhancement Purposes
->Prospects for Human Germline Engineering
->Cloning and the Soul: Traditional and Contemporary Options
->Applying Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer to Humans
->Dimensions of a Regulatory Framework for Clinical Cloning
->The First Human Cloning Company
->The Impact of Nuclear Transfer on The Commercial Transgenic 
    Production of  Recombinant Proteins
->Arguments Against Human Cloning
->Cloned Transgenic Cattle and Pigs
->Artificial Chromosome Technology
->Dolly, Polly and Cloning: The Role of Nuclear Transfer 
   Technology in Transgenic Protein and Peptide Production,  
   Scaleup and  Commercialization
->Transgenics and Cloning: New Commercial Opportunities for 
   Biotech and Large Pharmaceutical Companies
-> Intellectual Property and Animal Cloning
-> Intellectual Property Law Patenting Human
-> Gene Therapies*  in the United States

*  Under the Proposed European Biotech
Patent Directive

->Transgenics and Cloning in Non-Human  Primates - 
Possibilities for Improving Human  Health

We would be pleased to send or fax  a full program to you.   
Please contact us by E-mail at <hmatysko at>,
or <mhurley at>, or  1800 5 BIOCON  ext. 652.  
The conference is co-sponsored by Genetic Engineering News, 
published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. If you would like a 
complementary copy, please contact by E-mail at 
<vcohn at>.

We would also appreciate it if you could post that 
Transgenics and Cloning.: Commercial Opportunities and The 
Second Annual - Mammalian Cloning: Implications for Science 
and Society,  will take place June 24- 27, 1998 at the J.W. 
Marriott, Washington, D.C.,  The full program of this conference 
is available on request.  Please call 800 5-BIOCON or 
(914) 834-3100 (ext 652) or by E-mail at <hmatysko at>,
or <mhurley at>.

Limited sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are still
available. Please contact us.

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