PIR-International Protein Sequence Database Release 58.00 is available.

Christopher R. Marzec MARZEC at NBRF.Georgetown.Edu
Mon Nov 2 20:59:44 EST 1998

Release 58.00, September 30, 1998, of the PSD is available via the
World Wide Web at URL www-nbrf.georgetown.edu/pir.

For download, the database is available via the NBRF/PIR ANONYMOUS FTP server
at IP address NBRF.Georgetown.Edu in directory "[ANONYMOUS.PIR]." See file
[ANONYMOUS.PIR]000README. for more information.

Christopher R. Marzec
Database Manager
PIR-International Protein Sequence Database
National Biomedical Research Foundation
Washington, DC  20007
MARZEC at NBRF.Georgetown.Edu
voice: (202) 687-2121
fax: (202) 687-1662

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