Conference on Habitat Loss (1999) - call for session proposals

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                       Conference on
Habitat Loss: Ecological, Evolutionary and Genetic Consequences
                 September 1999, Helsinki

                Call for session proposals

Dear Colleague,

Spatial Ecology research program at the Department of Ecology and
Systematics in the University of Helsinki will organize a conference of
c. 100 participants on the theme 'Habitat Loss: Ecological, Evolutionary
and Genetic Consequences'. The conference takes place in the Hanasaari
Cultural Centre in Helsinki on September 7-12, 1999. The web site of the
conference is at the address

The conference will be structured around the plenary lectures and
special sessions focusing on selected topics. There are eight plenary
* Per Angelstam: "How much habitat has been lost?"
* Ilkka Hanski: "Delayed responses of species to habitat loss"
* Russell Lande: "Anthropogenic, ecological and genetic factors in
extinction risk"
* Pekka Pamilo: "Genetics in fragmented populations"
* Stuart Pimm: "How many species will become extinct following habitat
loss and how long will it take for them to do so?"
* Daniel Simberloff: "Parsing the ecological effects of habitat loss and
habitat fragmentation"
* Ricard V. Sole: tba
* William Sutherland: "The role of behaviour in predicting the
consequences of habitat loss"

***Call for session proposals***

The special sessions will largely be organized by external organizers.
We hereby invite You to submit a proposal for a special session.

Topic - Any topic related to habitat loss is welcome.

Structure - Sessions are modular and consist of one or two modules, each
containing five or six presentations of 20 minutes. There will be space
for up to 15 sessions.

Organizer - Each session should have one organizer (possibly with one
local co-organizer). The organizer should find at least two other
speakers (that is, in addition to herself or himself) to the session.
Accomodation and participation will be free for the organizer.

Proposal - Send your application to organizing committee, preferably by
e-mail (hleegc-org at The proposal should contain name and
address of the organizer, the name and a short description of the topic
of the session (50-150 words), and names of the two other speakers with
tentative titles or a note on their special expertize.

Dead-line - Send the proposal before November 20, 1998. The acceptance
or rejection will be decided by December 1, 1998.

Sessions proposed until now (30th October):
Theoretical approaches to habitat loss - Jordi Bascompte
Habitat loss and the management of populations - Veijo Kaitala & Per
Ecological effects of fragmentation in the boreal forest - John Spence &
Jari Niemela
Functional biodiversity and habitat change - Mari Walls
Landscape approaches to evaluating the ecological consequences of
habitat loss - Kimberly With

Yours sincerely,

Mikko Heino

On behalf of the organizing committee
Ilkka Hanski, Mikko Heino, Jari Niemela, Esa Ranta and Lotta Sundstrom

Division of Population Biology, University of Helsinki
P.O.Box 17
FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland
Fax +358-9-1917492
e-mail hleegc-org at

Contact person:

Mikko Heino
Division of Population Biology, University of Helsinki
P.O.Box 17
FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland
Tel +358-9-1917367
Fax +358-9-1917492
e-mail hleegc-org at or mikko.heino at

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