HHMI's Free Science Lectures on Human Genetics

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Thu Nov 19 23:25:39 EST 1998

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's 1998 Holiday Lectures on Science, "Of
Hearts and Hypertension: Blazing Genetic Trails," will focus on human
genetics, cardiovascular biology, and the role of the kidney in hypertension.
The free lectures will be broadcast live via satellite and webcast from the
Holiday Lectures website [http://www.holidaylectures.org] on December 7 & 8,
1998. Web visitors can participate in an interactive video chat from 1:30PM
to 2:30PM EST each lecture day.

Teachers who register for the Holiday Lectures on Science can receive a free
Teacher and Student Guide that makes it easy to integrate lecture concepts
into a high school science curriculum.

The website [http://www.holidaylectures.org] also contains a wide variety of
activities that complement the lectures, including the Interactive Web
multimedia components and an Ask a Scientist feature for students to submit
questions to scientists via e-mail.

Channel One Connection (formerly the Classroom Channel) will rebroadcast
lectures one and two on January 13, 1999, and lectures three and four on
January 20, 1999.

To create a link to the website or obtain additional press resources, visit
the Press Kit page at

Visit the website at http://www.holidaylectures.org to register, get
instructions for webcasting, or explore the educational resources.  Contact
David Jarmul, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, (301) 215-8857, email:
jarmuld at hhmi.org for additional information.

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