Complete genome of Rickettsia prowazekii available

Peter Sterk sterk at
Thu Nov 19 23:20:41 EST 1998

I have just put the complete 1111523 bp genome of Rickettsia prowazekii
our ftp server:

Also on our ftp server are the four segment entries AJ235270-AJ235273,
should hopefully be available through SRS later today and present in
EMBL-NEW update file.

Citation (out today, 12-NOV-1998):
   Andersson S.G.E., Zomorodipour A., Andersson J.O., Sicheritz-Ponten
   Alsmark U.C.M., Podowski R.M., Naeslund A.K., Eriksson A.S.,
   Winkler H.H., Kurland C.G.;
   "The Genome Sequence of Rickettsia prowazekii and the Origin of
   Nature 396:133-140(1998).
   Submitted (11-NOV-1998) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.
   S.G.E. Andersson, Siv.Andersson at, Dept. of Molecular
   Biology, University of Uppsala, Husargatan 3, Uppsala, S-751 24,


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