New conference on the biomechanics

Eugene Matveev ematveev at
Tue Nov 24 13:58:41 EST 1998

Created a conference on the biomechanics. Themes - all, anyway connected
with biomechanics, for example:

- biomechanics as science,
- theory and strategy of physical education,
- educating of motions at rehabilitations sick and others,
- ready and developing software in given area,
- publishing science articles on biomechanics and and adjacent areas,
- announcements of literature novelties, thesises, articles, computer
programs, atheletic simulators and others, connected with biomechanics,
-advertisments only on the subject an conference.

Waiting for Your reports in the conference!


Sincerely yours,
                                            Eugene Matveev (CoModerator)
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