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Dipl. Biol. Nils Koesters koesters at biologie.de
Tue Nov 24 13:59:54 EST 1998

Dear Subscribers,

Biologie.de (Biocrawler.com) has now opened their new database.

Although still under construction, we have already collected over 7000
biological relevant links in many sections of biology. We are still
collecting and we will add more and more categories.

Unless other searchengines, which simply collect links, we rate them by
counting the numbers of links to this site to get an estimate of importance
of this site. Sites with more links to them are rated more important.
Additionally we have a search / filter option which allows  search and
filtered browsing. Only pages containing the searchquery will be displayed,
also in lower categories.

Biologie.de and its associate Chemie.de should be with this step the biggest
subjectspecific information providers in germany and we are probably one of
the biggest link collection provided by professional biologists and chemists
the world.

In the future we will also feature a specified book and journal section in
which the, in our opinion,  most relevant scientific books and journals will
be presented.

With regards
Dipl. Biol. Nils Koesters
webmaster at biologie.de

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