A Call for Papers

Cheryl Hochman chochman at osf1.gmu.edu
Tue Nov 24 14:05:44 EST 1998

As part of its call for papers for SHE X--its 10th International Meeting
--the Society for Human Ecology invites student papers.  Graduate and
undergraduate students may present papers in regular sessions.  In
SHE X will include special  paper sessions reserved exclusively  for
and awards a prize for the best student paper presented.

SHE acknowledges the value of contributions from all  disciplines 
environment interactions.   In fact, this conference will focus on the
 ways in which interdisciplinary research can contribute to to decision
 making in the field of human ecology. Among the sessions planned for
 conference are:
 	-environmental planning, landscape ecology and conservation biology
 	-new technologies of environmental decision support
 	-local communities, traditional cultures and sustainable development
 	-public participation
 	-economics, policy, trade and environment
 	-home, households and quality of life
 	-architecture and urban design for sustainable communties
 	-education and outreach for Human Ecology
 	-arts, ethics, spirituality and quality of life
 In addition, three special session are planned:
 	-Eco-tourism:fair hope or looming disaster?
 	-Liberalisation of International trade and investment: is everyone
really a
 	-GIS and environmental decisions: is the tail wagging the dog?
 If you are interested in submitting a paper to the student paper
please forward an abstract by January 15 to:

 Cheryl Hochman
 Biodiversity Conservation Network
 c/o World Wildlife Fund
 1250 24th Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20037
 Email: chochman at osf1.gmu.edu

Papers to be considered for regular sessions should be submitted to:
Thom Meredith
Department of Geography
McGill University
Montreal, PQ, Canada, H3A 2K6
meredith at felix.geog.mcgill.ca

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