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Mon Oct 12 13:34:32 EST 1998

2nd International Conference on Transgenic Animals, Beijing China.
October 26 - 28, 1998

Program Schedule
October 26 (Mon)
  10:00-18:00   Registration
  20:00-20:45   Plenary lecture 1
                Jake (Jinkun) Chen
                Univ. of Texas Health Science Ctr. at San Antonio, TX,USA.
                Regulation of bone matrix protein expression by hormones 
                in transgenic mice.
  20:55-21:40   Plenary lecture 2
                Yanru Chen
                Stanford University, Stanford California USA.
                Transgenic studies of Agouti patterning in mice.

October 27 (Tue)
  09:00-09:30   Opening Ceremony (+ announce a brief invitation to ISTR)
  09:30-10:15   Plenary lecture 3
                Moshe Shani
                Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel.
                A novel marker for somite-derived migratory myogenic cells
                and vascular smooth muscle cells.
  10:15-10:30   Tea Break
  10:30-11:15   Plenary lecture 4
                Carl A. Pinkert
                Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
                Mitochondrial transfer and the creation of
                transmitochondrial mouse models.
  11:15-12:15   Poster Session
  12:15-13:30   Lunch Break
  13:30-15:40   Session 1
                Transgenic Disease Models
                (Chairman: Kenichi Yamamura, Kumamoto Univeristy, Japan)
  15:40-15:55   Tea Break
  15:55-18:05   Session 2
                Gene Targeting and Somatic Cell Technology
                (Chairman: Dianqing Wu, Univ. of Rochester, New York, USA)
  18:20-19:40   Welcoming Reception
  (after dinner)        Open Discussion: International Society for
                                         Transgenic Research

October 28 (Wed)
  09:00-10:30   Session 3
                Toxicological and Fish Models
                (Chairman: Richard N. Winn, University of Georgia, USA)
  10:30-10:45   Tea Break
  10:45-12:00   Session 4
                Transgenic Bioreactors and Mammary Gland Models
                (Chairman: YongFu Chen, China Agricultural University)
10:45-12:00   Session 4
                Transgenic Bioreactors and Mammary Gland Models
                (Chairman: YongFu Chen, China Agricultural University)
  12:00-13:30   Lunch Break
  13:30-15:30   Session 5
                Transgenic Techniques: Sperm-mediated and Expression
                Systems (Chairman: DePei Liu, Chinese Acad. Med. Sci.)
  15:30-15:45   Tea Break
  15:45-17:45   Session 6
                Transplantation and Gene Therapy Models
                (Chairman: David L. Kooyman, Brigham Young Univ., Provo
                Utah, USA)
  17:45-18:00   Closing Remarks

October 29 (Thu)
  08:30-18:00   Excursion to the Great Wall & MingTombs

Local Tours
October 27 (Tue)        08:30-17:00
The Lama Temple - Lunch - the Summer Palace
October 28 (Wed)        08:30-17:00
The Tianmen Square - Lunch - The Forbidden City
October 29 (Thu)        08:30-18:00
The Great Wall - Lunch - Ming Tombs
Post Conference Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Guangzhou - Hong Kong ( 5.5 days )
October 30 (Fri), Beijing - Xi'an by air
October 31 (Sat), Xi'an Sightseeing - Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
November 1 (Sun), Xi'an - Guilin by air
November 2 (Mon), Guilin, Li River Cruise
November 3 (Tue), Guilin - Guangzhou by air, sightseeing in the afternoon
November 4 (Wed), Exit to Hong Kong

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