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Wed Aug 4 20:16:13 EST 1999

Are you looking for a SPAM free place to get news and ask 
questions regarding molecular biology, biochemistry, 
bioinformatics, et al?

There is a new web portal for biology and bioinformatics at! Currently, provides a News 
Service as well as discussion groups.  The particular areas of 
focus for are molecular biology, biochemistry, 
genetics, cell biology, and computational biology.

There is a form for posting news to, so if you have a
news items you would like the scientific community to know about
be sure to post it via 
(News items that you come across in reading a journal, searching 
the web, reading the paper, following news groups, etc ... are 
all acceptable! The news doesn't have to originate from you.) 
Announcements for biology related software, mailing lists, web 
sites, etc are all welcome. If in doubt, post your news item or

Alan Williams
Alan at

ps -- For those of you who are familiar with, is essentially a for biology.

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