Pfam Release 4.2

Ewan Birney birney at
Sat Aug 14 11:31:42 EST 1999

                ANNOUNCING PFAM RELEASE 4.2

Pfam is a collection of protein domain family alignments which were
constructed semi-automatically using profile hidden Markov models.
Pfam families contain functional annotation and cross-references to
other databases.  Query sequences can be searched against the Pfam
library of profile hidden Markov models at the web sites below.

Pfam 4.2 contains 1664 families.  61% of proteins in SWISSPROT 37
and TrEMBL 9 have at least one match to a Pfam family.

For interactive access and searching see URLs


The release is also available in flat file by anonymous ftp:


The Pfam HMM library is compatible with HMMER2 software, available

and also the Wise2 software, available from


The Pfam consortium

Ewan Birney
<birney at>

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