Euromit IV, the Fourth European Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology

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Dear Colleague,

Euromit IV - Call for abstracts

Euromit IV, the Fourth European Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology, will be
held at Queens' College, Cambridge on 16th-19th September 1999.  This
meeting will cover all aspects of mitochondrial disease, ranging from
clinical pathology to the molecular mechanisms underlying the disease. 
This will be the fourth Euromit meeting in approximately ten years, all of
which have been successful as witnessed by the increasing number of
delegates and the acceptance of all invitations by the leading
international investigators.  Although various aspects of mitochondrial
disease are catered for in other scientific meetings, Euromit is unique in
retaining mitochondrial pathology as its focus.  

Mitochondrial disease is a burgeoning area of research interest.  It is a
particularly exciting time, as the underlying genetic defects are being
reported not only for mitochondrial disorders associated with mutation of
the mitochondrial genome, but also of the nuclear genome.  Consequently,
the meeting is timely.  

Euromit traditionally represents a forum for both clinicians and basic
scientists and we welcome delegates from both sides of the clinical fence.

Anyone who is interested should consult our web page for further information:  

Abstracts should be submitted as detailed on the web page and should be sent
to the organisers no later than 15th June 1999.

Further queries which are not answered by the web page should be addressed to 

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