1998 Fish Genetic Conference Proceedings Available

Sarah Riecken sarah at worldfish.org
Mon Mar 22 20:53:57 EST 1999

>> World Fisheries Trust is announcing the publication of "Action before
>> extinction: an international conference on conservation of fish genetic
>> diversity." 
>> Action Before Extinction was a conference held by World Fisheries Trust in
>> Vancouver, BC, Canada in February 1998. 22 papers were presented by
>> academic researchers involved in the conservation of fish genetic
>> diversity. They cover topics of international genetic conservation
>> rationale and efforts for freshwater and salterwater species in Finland,
>> Russia, The Ukraine, India, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Norway, Scotland and
>> other countries. As well, a plant genetic resources paper lends perspective
>> to the topic of the development of fish genetic conservation policy. 
>> Action Before Extinction includes all 22 papers as well as an introduction
>> by Dr. Brian Harvey, Director World Fisheries Trust, and The Honourable
>> John Fraser, Ambassador for the Environment, Canada, in paperback (259
>> pages). It is available from the World Fisheries Trust office for
>> CAN$35.00. Payment is accepted by major credit card, cheque or money order.
>> Shipping fees are additional.
>> Please contact abe at worldfish.org if you would like to order a copy of
>> Action Before Extinction for a library or educational or research facility.

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