New Eng. SIM - Call for Student Posters

Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at WPI.EDU
Mon Mar 29 22:35:57 EST 1999

       Society for Industrial Microbiology - New England Section
                            Spring Meeting
                  Worcester Polytechnic Institute
                             Worcester MA 

The New England Section of the Society for Industrial Microbiology invites
student (graduate or undergraduate) posters for presentation at its Spring
meeting to be held Thursday, May 27, from 10-4 at Worcester Polytechnic
Institute, Worcester Massachusetts USA.

Abstracts will be accepted by e-mail.  Formal meeting registration however
requires pre-payment.  Five speakers will present seminars (topics to be
posted later). Costs (to cover lunch) will be $10 for students and under
$30 for faculty and scientists and their guests.

For more information please e-mail to crusberg at

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Ted C. Crusberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology &
Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA USA  01609
Society for Industrial Microbiology-Education Committee
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