Virus Infections Meeting, London, UK

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Tue Sep 28 20:27:32 EST 1999

Dear Colleague,

The Dynamics of Virus Infections, 19-20 January 2000

I would like to bring to your attention a two-day Royal Society Discussion
Meeting entitled ''The dynamics of virus infections" due to be held at the
Royal Society in London UK on the days above.  Organised by Professor CRM
Bangham, Sir Robert May and Dr MA Nowak invited speakers include Professor M
Davis (Stanford), Professor PC Doherty (Memphis), Dr D Ho (New York), Dr J
Kaufman (UK), Dr P Klenerman (Oxford), Professor JD Lifson (Maryland), Dr A
McLean (Oxford), Professor A McMichael (Oxford), Dr AS Perelson (Los
Alamos), Professor AB Rickinson (Birmingham), Dr AR Thomsen (Copenhagen),
and Dr B Walker (Harvard), .

The meeting is free to attend.  If you would like further details please
email me your mailing address at <discussion.meetings at>.

I hope you are able to attend.

Mr Nicholas Boross-Toby
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