ANNOUNCE: Gene Expression Markup Language (GEML)

Michael Hoffman mhoffman at
Wed Apr 12 08:37:52 EST 2000 - Gene Expression Markup Language (GEML) - An
open-standard XML format for DNA microarray and gene expression data.

The Gene Expression Markup Language (GEML) is a file format for storing DNA
microarray and gene expression data.  GEML is an open-standard XML format
which enables exchange of data between gene expression databases and
analysis systems. GEML stores which data collection methodology was used,
without making assumptions about the meaning of a measurement. This enables
possible normalization, integration, and comparison of data across
methodologies. GEML handles expression profile data and allows scan images
and chip layouts (or "patterns") to be easily referenced and tracked. GEML
is independent of any particular database schema.

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