STACK2.4 released, Now distributed from Europe

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Fri Aug 4 19:42:20 EST 2000

The S.A. National Bioinformatics Institute (European Molecular Biology
Network, South African Node) has released version 2.4 of the STACK
database of reconstructed human expressed transcripts. 

STACKdb has a high capture rate of alternate expression variants,
contains tissue based and disease state organisation. STACKdb 2.4
contains 242,171 new human EST sequences, which have been added to the
clusters found in STACKdb 2.31. The whole-body index (available 8
August) has been created by adding 32,000 mRNAs and ESTs from Unigene
build 106 to the whole-body index from STACKdb 2.31. The cluster
annotation has been improved through the addition of mapping information
from genemap'99 radiation hybrid markers and provision of detailed
source libraries. The system used for production of STACKdb,
STACK_PACK2.0 is also available.

In collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (the Swiss
Node of the European Molecular Biology Network), the database is
available for download from a computer in Europe, ensuring speedy
download times
from Europe, Japan and the USA. Interested users should register at for download.

STACKdb is managed and distributed by Electric Genetics. Please contact
support at for support, feedback and bug reporting.

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