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The International Centre for Diffraction Data has increased Grant-in-
Aid funding for the 2000-2001 grant cycles in order to allow more
grants to be supported.

The ICDD® is interested in high quality experimental powder diffraction
patterns to add to its internationally renowned database, the Powder
Diffraction File (PDF®). The ICDD's Grant-in-Aid program is designed to
give limited financial support of those institutions interested in
supplying new patterns. A grant can be used most effectively as a
supplement to existing funded projects involving the preparation and
characterization of new materials, using powder XRD.

There are two grant cycles with proposal deadline of:
Cycle I - 31 January
Cycle II - 31 July

For more information, please review the guidelines found on the ICDD
web site: http://www.icdd.com/grants/, or contact:

Ms. Shelly Wolkov, Grant Coordinator
International Centre for Diffraction Data
12 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3273 U.S.A.

Phone: 610.325.9814
Fax: 610.325.9823
E-mail: wolkov at icdd.com

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International Centre for Diffraction Data
www.icdd.com, www.dxcicdd.com
questions? - write webmaster at icdd.com

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