AI in Bioinformatics Symposium

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              This symposium will take place as part of:

                       Time for AI and Society

             2000 Convention of the Society for the Study
      of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour

                       University of Birmingham

                   Convention: 17th-20th April 2000
                    Symposium: 19th-20th April 2000

This symposium intends to draw together those who are applying
artificial intelligence techniques to bioinformatics related
issues. Participants are keenly sought from both a lifesciences
background and a computer sciences background. The symposium will hope
to make a significant contribution to the computer scientists'
appreciation of the bioinformatics-related opportunities for the
techniques, and the life scientists' appreciation of the potential of
artificial intelligence methods.

The provisional list of speakers includes:
        Robert Burbidge (UCL)
        Thomas Dandekar (EMBL)
        David Gilbert (City)
        Kevin Humphreys (Sheffield)
        Richard M. Jackson (UCL)
        Steffen Moeller (EBI)
        Martin Reese (Berkeley)
        Marcel Turcotte (ICRF)

               !!! Poster presentations are welcome !!!

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David W. Corne (Computer Science, University of Reading)
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