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Randall O. randall at nowhere.com
Fri Jan 7 18:56:13 EST 2000

Biology/Science Website: <http://mindquest.net>

Excellent FREE resources for biology students. Study guides, interactive
online quizzes and practice exams, interactive crossword puzzles, links,
live chat, message boards, streaming videos (no plug-in needed) such as
anatomy dissections, pictures, science news feeds from Reuters News
All areas of science (physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, etc.), with
emphasis on biology.

www.mindquest.net gets ~5000-10,000 hits a day, and it becoming very
on the web. I put a lot of my free time into developing it and the
to help students and teachers. Check it out!

(@@) Enjoy!
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Dr. Randall Oelerich
mindquest.net creator/webmaster
Dept. Biology
Lake Superior College
Duluth, Minnesota

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