Workshop: Microelectrode techniques for cell physiology

Frank Norman fnorman at
Mon Jan 24 04:00:13 EST 2000

Microelectrode techniques for cell physiology
                          17th workshop, 6-20 September 2000
             Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association of the UK,
                            Citadel Hill, Plymouth, PL1 2PB.

The workshop provides intensive practical experience of a number 
of microelectrode, patch clamp and optical techniques applied to
single cells. It is intended for postgraduate students, post-doctoral 
workers or established scientists wishing to apply these techniques
in their research. 

The following core techniques are offered as 3-day experiments: 

    Two electrode voltage clamp 
    Patch clamp 
    Single electrode voltage-clamp 
    Dye injection 
    Ion-sensitive microelectrodes 
    Fluorescent indicators 

In addition there are lectures and practicals in electronics, 
microscopy, computing, and lectures/demonstrations of bilayer 
recording, flash photolysis, amperometry and capacitance 

For more information see:

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