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Fri Jul 21 17:52:22 EST 2000

RELEASING geneid V1.0  -- july 19, 2000 -- IMIM-UPF, Barcelona

geneid is a program to predict genes in anonymous genomic
sequences from eukariotic organisms. Main features:

- Very efficient in terms of speed and memory usage. In the practice,
  geneid can analyze chromosome size sequences in minutes.

- Rudimentary support to integrate predictions from multiple sources,
  and to reanotate genomic sequences, via external gff files and the
  redefinition of the "gene model".

- Customizable levels of output, including exhaustive listing of
  potential signals and exons.

- source code, compiled binaries for some architectures and
  documentation available under the GNU GPL license.

to obtain more information on geneid, access the geneid web server or
download geneid, visit the geneid web page at

Or dowloand geneid directly through anonymous ftp to

in  /pub/software/geneid

Enrique Blanco Garcia
Genome Informatics Group
FIB-upc **  IMIM-upf


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