Second release of Medicago ESTs

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Tue Jul 25 13:56:51 EST 2000

Noble Foundation, NCGR Release
Second Round of Medicago Truncatula
For Immediate Use: July 17, 2000 

Contact: Janine Sieja Hagerman, (505) 995-4459 

SANTA FE, N.M. -- The National Center for Genome Resources and the Samuel 
Roberts Noble Foundation have released
new EST (expressed sequence tag) data from a collaboration studying Medicago 
truncatula, a "model" legume used in
genetic studies. 

The organizations have released 12,617 expressed gene sequences. The new 
sequences are accessible through the
Noble Foundation and NCGR Web sites and have been released by GenBank. 

Scientists from NCGR and Noble are working together to identify novel expressed 
gene sequences; such EST data will be
useful to researchers around the world. The data release is the second in a 
series expected over 18 months. The first
release, in April, included 14,634 sequences. Analysis of these EST data 
ultimately may lead to improvements in legume

M. truncatula and its better-known relatives, alfalfa and soybean, are members 
of the legume family, one of the most
important groups of plants. Legumes are a crucial source of protein for humans 
and forage food for animals. M. truncatula is
closely related to alfalfa (M. sativa), and the results of the collaborative 
project will therefore be directly applicable to the
improvement of one of the world's major forage crops. M. truncatula is a 
particularly good plant for study because, unlike
alfalfa, it has a relatively small genome and is amenable to efficient genetic 
and molecular analysis. 

The M. truncatula collaboration allows Noble to focus on data generation and 
NCGR to focus on structuring data analysis.
Noble conducts extensive research in agricultural sciences, and NCGR's specialty 
is bioinformatics, which employs
mathematics and computer science to analyze biological data. 

Data and detail about the M. truncatula project are available at and
Medicago sequences also are accessible through NCGR's Genome Sequence DataBase. 

About NCGR
NCGR is an independent, nonprofit life sciences research institute working at 
the interface of biology, computer science and
mathematics (bioinformatics). By conducting and facilitating research the Center 
contributes to the improvement of global
nutrition, health and environmental well-being. 

About The Noble Foundation
The Noble Foundation is a privately funded, nonprofit organization headquartered 
in Ardmore, Okla. The Foundation
conducts agricultural and plant biology research; provides grants to numerous 
other charitable and educational
organizations; and assists farmers and ranchers through educational and 
consultative programs. 

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