YOUR opportunity to comment on graduate education!

NAGPS Doctoral Program Survey PhDSurvey at
Fri Jun 2 20:35:14 EST 2000

The National Doctoral Program Survey <> is your
opportunity to comment on your doctoral program experience.  While over
17,000 current and recent doctoral students from nearly 4,000 doctoral
programs (at more than 370 institutions across the U.S.A. and Canada)
have already completed The National Doctoral Program Survey, we need
YOUR participation to make the results meaningful.

The survey is available online <>, takes
approximately 15 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and is your chance
to speak up about your experiences with advising, TA and research
training, and career services (among other things) in your graduate
department or program.  Results will be tabulated by discipline and
department and made PUBLICLY AVAILABLE on the Internet in Fall 2000
for those programs with sufficient participation.

Results will only be released for those degree-granting departments
with at least 10 responses, to ensure anonymity and provide meaningful
results.  As of June 1, only 445 of the 3,986 departments represented
have satisfied this requirement.  The higher the number of responses
received, the more valuable the data will be to YOU, your graduate
student association, your institution, and others working to
improve doctoral education.  You can view participation levels for 
individual graduate programs across the U.S. and Canada by visiting

Please go to <> today, complete the survey
yourself, and send this message on to everyone you know who has been
enrolled in a doctoral program for at least one semester since 1995.
Completing this survey (and encouraging others to do the same) only
takes a few minutes but can stimulate change in graduate education for
years to come.


The National Doctoral Program Survey Team
National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS)
E-mail: PhDSurvey at
Web:    <>

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