Salmonella typhi genome sequence contiguous

Julian Parkhill parkhill at
Wed Jun 14 12:55:48 EST 2000

The Sanger Centre Pathogen Sequencing unit is pleased to announce the
contiguation of the genome sequence of Salmonella typhi CT18. CT18 is a
highly pathogenic, multiple drug resistant strain recently isolated in
Vietnam. The chromosome is 4,809,462 bp long, with a G+C content of
52.05 %. The strain harbors two plasmids; pHCM1 (218,160 bp; multidrug
resistance) and pHCM2 (106,516 bp; cryptic). 

The sequence of the chromosome and plasmids is available for download
and searching from the Sanger Centre S. typhi website

Information on other bacteria being sequenced by the PSU is available

Please note that, although the sequence is contiguous, this data may
still contain errors and possible missassemblies. The sequence should be
considered as preliminary until final publication. Please read the data
release policy and guidelines and conditions on use of data on the

Dr. Julian Parkhill				The Sanger Centre

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