CSHL Molecular Embryology of the Mouse June 7 - 27, 2000 March

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Thu Mar 9 10:59:12 EST 2000

Cold Spring Harbor Course
Molecular Embryology of the Mouse
June 7 - 27, 2000
Andras Nagy, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Canada
Patrick Tam, Children's Medical Research Institute, Australia
This intensive laboratory/lecture course is designed for biologists 
interested in applying their expertise to the study of mouse embryonic 
development. Laboratory components provide an introduction into the 
technical aspects of working with and analyzing mouse embryos, and
provide the conceptual basis for contemporary research in mouse 
development. Experimental techniques that will be covered in the
include in vitro culture and manipulation of pre- and post-implantation 
embryos, transgenesis by DNA microinjection, embryo transfer, establ 
ishment, culture and genetic manipulation of embryonic stem cells, 
production of chimaeras by aggregation with and injection of embryonic
cells and the analysis of development by whole mount in situ
skeletal preparation and transgene expression. Last year's speakers
Siew-Lan Ang, Richard Behringer, Benoit de Crombrugghe, Achim Gossler, 
Richard Harvey, Brigid Hogan, Nancy Jenkins, Alexandra Joyner, Peter 
Koopman, Robin Lovell-Badge, Nobuja Maeda, Terry Magnuson, Anne McLaren, 
Andy McMahon, Gail Martin, Andras Nagy, Virginia Papaioannou, Oliver 
Smithies, Davor Solter and Patrick Tam.	
Apply online at http://www.cshl.org/meetings

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