Alternative conference on genetic engineering

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Thu Mar 16 13:01:51 EST 2000

                   Biodevastation 2000

   Northeastern University, Boston - March 24 to 26, 2000

Attend talks given by international experts
and learn the other side of the story

Some of the Speakers:
- Ruth Hubbard, Ph.D. (Biologist, Harvard University)
- Jonathan King, Ph.D. (Geneticist, Massachusetts      
  Institute of Technology)
- Barry Commoner, Ph.D. (Biologist, Center for the 
  Biology of Natural Systems)
- Vandana Shiva, Ph.D. (Philosopher of Science &   
  Physicist, Research Foundation for Science, 
  Technology, & Natural Resource Policy of India)
- Martha Crouch, Ph.D. (Molecular Biologist, Indiana 
- Dan Faber, Ph.D. (Sociologist, Northeastern University)

Some of the Issues:
- How patents obstruct medical research
- The absence of mandatory testing for genetically 
  modified foods
- How the FDA ignores its own scientists' safety concerns
- Potential risks of cancer from milk of rBGH-treated 
- How genetic engineering threatens biodiversity
- Herbicide resistant GE crops lead to increased 
  herbicide pollution
- Eugenics and 'designer babies'
- Health hazards posed by antibiotic markers inserted in 
  GE food
March 24-26			For conference registration or 
Northeastern University		for more information:
Boston, MA			web:
(Green line E of the T)		If you are interested in 		
				bioD2000 at or

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