New NCBI toolkit and new BLAST binaries

Tom Madden madden at
Wed May 3 13:50:31 EST 2000

A new version of the NCBI toolkit and new BLAST binaries have
been posted to the NCBI FTP site.  The toolkit is available at and the BLAST binaries
are available at

Notes for BLAST 2.0.12 release:


1.) Bl2seq can now perform nucleotide-protein (blastx style)
This necessitated changing the '-p' option from a Boolean to a
string.  Valid arguments are "blastn", "blastp", or "blastx".

Bug fixes:

1.) A problem in the NCBI threads library that caused BLAST to sometimes

stick was corrected.  Many thanks to Haruna Cofer and colleauges at SGI
for providing a fix.

2.) A problem that caused BLAST to core-dump (especially on long
has been fixed.  Many thanks to Gary Williams for providing examples.

3.) A problem that prevented the search of multiple multivolume
has been fixed.


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