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Mon Nov 6 06:32:17 EST 2000

Call for votes


Voting on the following proposal will now be open until 20th

To vote send an email to  biovote at net.bio.net with either of
the following two lines (only) in the body of the email.

YES to markers
NO to markers

Proposal to establish MARKERS/bionet.genome.markers

Proposed USENET name: bionet.genome.markers

Proposed mailing list name: MARKERS

Proposed email addresses: markers at net.bio.net

Discussion leaders: Alastair Hamilton and Halina Sobolewska
                             University of North Wales
                             oss601 at bangor.ac.uk

Newsgroup charter:

The MARKERS/bionet.genome.markers newsgroup will be to encourage
discussion on the generation and use of molecular markers, in
particular microsatellites and AFLP's, for population analysis, genome
mapping and DNA fingerprinting. The newsgroup would aim to bring
together researchers starting out in these areas with those who have
had some experience and is intended to be of particular value to
researchers needing to use such techniques, but whose background is
not necessarily molecular biology. It is our belief that, as these
molecular techniques find application in an ever broadening range of
fields, an increasing number of scientists yearn for advice.

The bionet.genome.markers newsgroup will be moderated.


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